Is killing animals for food ethical?

I'm searching for an ethical approach with sound arguments. I'm wondering if someone can find a real ethical way to justify the killing of animals for human food intake.

Although I am a carnivore/omnivore myself and have nothing against eating meat, I was wondering if the argument of "survival of the fittest" still stands. Are we bound to eat meat for easier intake of the natural necessities of nutrition? Yes I'm saying easier, I've debated with some vegan people in the past, and although you can replace everything with vegan food, it's harder to come by and sometimes even necessary to take some additional vitamins. But that isn't the debate I'm looking for right here. I'm looking for an ethical justification, not a merely vegan one.

Is it survival of the fittest that throws in the most weight? Is it because we want the human species to keep dominating this planet and therefore eradicate all that is threatening this status? But then again, the meat-industry seems to be liable for a big part of the global-warming problem... any thoughts, anyone?
Is killing animals for food ethical?
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