Doesn't this video represent atheism perfectly?

Yes. Those things could have happened by the laws of physics. No "magic" neccessary. Anything is possible bro!
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No. Atheism is a lack of belief. We DONT KNOW how those things happened. Neither does anyone else for that matter!
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Yes. Atheists are morons.
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I have to put this here because coward atheist keeps removing it.

The burden of proof falls to the person making the claim. You made the claim that atheism was something, now prove it.

Einstien wasn't an athiest.
Albert Einstein stated that he believed in the pantheistic God of Baruch Spinoza.
The fact that someone is not a classical theist does not make them atheist.

Stephen hawking is not smart.
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"A fact claim is a statement about how things were in the past, how they are in the present, or how they will be in the future."
Doesn't this video represent atheism perfectly?
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