Why do conservatives/the right get such a bad rep?

If yiu voice conservative opinions you get called "troll" "evil" etc.

For example, Cenk Uygur just yelled about police brutality to black people (Frank George incident) and went on about how police are being taught to kill black people (NOT TRUE).

BEN SHAPIRO is more reasonable. The Young Turks just yell a lot and call people names.

Honestly I give reasons behind my conservative opinions. The left never responds with reason. They only yell that I'm an evil troll, that I'm not EMPATHETIC, that it's ok to steal from others to provide for the poor etc. The only thing they do is appeal to emotion and try to shame people
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Ben Shapiro actually does give premises and a conclusion for his points. For example, he thinks healthcare should not be free because 1. It will be too expensive for the country which will result in higher tax (and more money out of your pocket) 2. Its better for the market forces to drive down prices resulting in lower costs for everyone. He gave an example of #2 which was laser eye surgery.

At least he gives reasoning behind his opinions. The left just tells and call u names.
Why do conservatives/the right get such a bad rep?
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