Did kill George Floyd to help Trump win the next election?

First of all let me say I don't think Floyd was a good man. He deliberately tried to pass counterfeit money and resisted arrest. I don't buy the claustrophobic bullshit, every criminal could pull that stunt to avoid arrest.

But here's my real problem. We live in a world where if the police have to tread on egg shells around black people or they'll get accused of racism. It defies logic that in front of several witnesses all with cameras pointing a police officer would deliberately harm a black man. Under such circumstances any person would ensure they followed the correct procedure to the letter. It is to be expected that criminals restrained all pull the "I can't breathe" trick and officers are trained to rightfully ignore their lies.

However there is a more sinister possibility, he deliberately did it to start a black riot. Much of Trumps initial success was down to whitelash against Obama and black people in general. It's no secret that the redcap brigade aren't that fond of black folk. Now most moderate people tend to ignore their racist views so what better way to change people's minds than a demonstration of what black people are really like. Provoke a riot and images of blacks looting, burning down buildings and destroying properties flood the news channels. It's the best gift Trump could ever hope for. The rioters have effectively handed him a land slide on a silver platter.

But here's the question, was that Derek Chauvin's plan all along?
Did kill George Floyd to help Trump win the next election?
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