Positive data points to improve citizen/police relationships?

This guy saved a person/cops life! Would it be valuable to police to have some kind of social record of the benevolence, character of the citizens they engage? I wouldn't want to see him hassled and tortured by authorities for some infraction in the future... without considering his past good deeds.One of the issues cops have is they know very little about people and draw assumptions... or they don't care. It is awful that people can be good citizens, benevolent law abiding people, but in an instant in the future, maybe when they are down on their luck, they are thrown to the ground and trampled by power.

Should police consider the characteristics of the person when decided to back off and just let the person be. e. g. George Floyd had passed a bad $20 bill and wouldn't take it back... bad move. But he was in a bad state. Solution, police assess.. give him a good $20 bill and some social help and move on. Vs confining him. Like... how does throwing the book at him compare to all of his life's behavior? It's like saying "you aren't allowed to have a bad spell.. if you do... you're going to get slammed by the system. That's kinda rough.

I got treatment like that at work... it's so wrong. Consider someones past when assessing if they get nailed for an infraction. Everyone needs a break every now and then.
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Positive data points to improve citizen/police relationships?
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