Why do people get so upset when I don't fit my stereotype?

It finally hit me the other day when this girl I know online asked to video call. I could tell she was extremely disappointed because I don't have a typical accent, I don't have defined, masculine features, and I don't have tattoos. I also told her I don't smoke, and she clearly lost all kinds of interest in me, even though she has expressed her interest in black men before.

Likewise, this happens all the time when I'm at work and out in public. People ask me how I feel around cops, and when I tell them I have literally never had a bad encounter with a police office nor have I had someone white be racist to me, they actually get confrontational. Like the other day someone said I should be out protesting for my rights instead of "working for the white man." When I say that I don't want to, they call me all kinds of racist things. Funny right? It's literally never the white people in question that are rude. I get that racists exist, and law enforcement isn't perfect. I don't care if people decide to protest. It's just something I'm not interested in, yet a lot of people can't handle that.

People tend to think I'm supposed to be this urban-cultured, disenfranchised youth who has to fight the system to survive, but I'm simply not. Why do some people get so angry about it?
Why do people get so upset when I don't fit my stereotype?
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