Why is there so much violence in the US protests?

I mean for both the police and protesters. I see things like police arresting reporters for no reason (live), police throwing stuff at peaceful protesters, protesters setting things on fire, people having their cars destroyed.

A few years ago there were protests in my country too. They lasted a few days and there were a few incidents (if I remember correctly), but it stayed mostly peaceful. We had a large number of people protesting one place one day, like 200k, and the politicians didn't feel the need to hide and things were not set on fire. (Even though people were protesting against their corruption, so they had a reason to be afraid)
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Sorry, but getting tired of something is not a reason set things on fire or for police to attack and arrest people for no reason. There have been protests in the past with people being tired of things and it didn't get like this.
Why is there so much violence in the US protests?
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