Should there be police reform in the United States?

Should there be police reform in the United States?
As much as I support law enforcement, the way policing is being done in America disgusts me. These departments are training their officers to be mindless drones in a private army instead of protecting and serving their community, humanity is being sucked out of these officers. I've been going on a full trade about these riots and how they transpired because this all could have been avoided.
We need to pressure these Police Departments to get rid of the bad cops. Derek Chauvin, the man who initially murdered George Floyd had 17 complaints on his record. I think the fact that this officer wasn't fired before is absolutely unacceptable, he should have been fired by the third complaint. I think that the Minneapolis Police Department needs to bee looked into and their Police Cheif needs to be fired over their negligence. I also think we need to look into all police departments nationwide and weed out corruption and negligence.
The police need to be closer to their community. The police are slowly becoming a private army as their becoming more and more militarized. It's gotten to the point that we don't even see the officer as a person, just a badge and a gun.

These are just a couple of reasons I wanted to point out. I just joined an organization Larry Lawton's Action Crew. We are running a campaign to call for police reform in the U. S. Here's a video of him discussing itI highly encourage you to join Larry Lawton's Action Crew. The more voices we have the more we will be heard.
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Should there be police reform in the United States?
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