What are some "first world problems" that you've had?

"First world problems" are annoying things that happen, that only seem bad when compared to real problems that could happen in third world countries. Sometimes, they help to put things in perspective.

For example, here are 2 of mine:

1) This morning, I saw that my new set of personalized checkbooks came in the mail. But I'm a bit upset because my bank put the wrong font on them. The font is in cursive, instead of in print, like I asked for.

2) Yesterday, I had groceries delivered to my house. I was dismayed to see that the delivery service had picked out a bag of bagels from the grocery store that expire in only one day. I'll have to throw most of them out because there's no way I can eat 6 bagels in one day.

Do you have any of these things, that when you look at the big picture, they remind you how lucky you are?
What are some "first world problems" that you've had?
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