Should human procreation be controlled?

Should human procreation be controlled?
From, mentally ill people who should not procreate to drug addicted people who use drugs. Even to career criminals.
How can society benefit from mentally ill people having kids who have kids that also have mental issues? Parents with mental illness's can't raise children correctly so the kids turn out as damaged goods all screwed up. Even drug addicted mothers and fathers shooting up with a baby in the oven. Baby comes out and has brain damage. Good society has more of a burden to take care of that poor child Yet... Yet these druggies keep having kids and guess what no one can stop them!

These people who should not have kids keep having kids and no one can stop them... They keep pumping out kids without any recourse or any for society in general. I pay taxes and last thing I want to do is to pay for some other stupid human's kid who they can't take care of!

What happened to the idea of having two couples a male and female who have moral and good ethical values who hold good jobs and work hard. I think there should be some test to society where couples would have to serve society in some way to be granted the permission to procreate. I just think it's wrong that human's have it in their head that procreation is a right when it should be a privilege. We have done it to animals where we breed out the imperfections of a certain animal to make it better for a purpose. Would it not be better if we could breed out the bad human's and make a better human who's not crazy or does not have alcoholism, mental illness's etc... place a human with the right upbringing tools with no genetic flaws and you can be sure that the child will grow up to be a contributing member to society.
From the bottom barrel street people to the astronaut in space is there a moral difference?

I completely support Eugenics it is the future and it will come.
Should human procreation be controlled?
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