What evidence for racism exists against Derek Chauvin?

Now guys... police brutality is a horrific thing and any oficer responsible for misconduct should always be bought to justice and yes this includes racism. But part of me thinks that this could just as easily been a white person who died. Racism is a horrible thing but george floyd was a drug addict who had been in prison many times including for the armed robbery of a pregnant woman, of course he didn't deserve to be killed but I also dont believe his death should be used as a call to arms in the context of black lives matter... yes he is black and he was killed by a white officer but that doesn't nesecesarily mean his murder was racially motivated. Police were correct to arrest him but killing him was of course wrong, why do we need to bring the subject of race into this particular instance of police brutality...

If Im completely wrong about this then I apologise unreservedly. But we all deserve to be judged on the facts and evidence and not the pressure from a political movement no matter how well meaning that movements intentions are.

Let me know your thoughts on this!
What evidence for racism exists against Derek Chauvin?
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