I witnessed Attempted Rape but I dont wanna be labeled as a snitch what do I do?

I heard what happened recently regarding racism and we all are sad however not everyone shares our emotions. There is a guy in my college whose name is Chris. Now Chris is a typical white boy whose dad is a multi-millionare and he drives a BMW and all that is good for him however he has a habbit of being racist.

Im best friends with Marcus, Jordan and Tyrone plus we also have Jordon's girlfriend who hangs out with us too. Now Chris has a habit of using the N**er word. He loves using it around my friends. Often telling them to go back to Africa or not to rob him etc. Usually my friends ignore him but a few days back he somehow got Jordan's girlfriend's number where he started harassing her on texts. Telling her that she will be his baby mama and that she belongs in a cotton plantation. This pissed of Jordan.

Last week he invited me and Tyrone to his house where he told us that it was time "We teach Chris a lesson." I thought they meant to rough him up but i was wrong.

At 9pm Chris was at a local pornshop after he exited Jordan and Tyrone lynched him and took him to an alley. Now i thought we were gonna beat him up but no.

Jordan took off his pants and started striping Chris. Tyrone told me to go to the street and tell them if someone comes. As i walked away i heard Chris beg for mercy but the last thing i heard Jordan say "yo gon be ma bich. Lets see whose da babymama now". The next thing i knew I heard Chris Scream in pain.

About a minute later i saw a cop car from afar. I yelled at my friends to run which they did leaving naked Chris on the alley floor. We regrouped at my house. Jordan said he was unable to bust a nut becuz i told them to run but at least now Chris won't be a problem.

Now while Chris was a racist bigot i dont think raping him was the right approach but now im scared I want to tell someone but i fear i will be called a snitch for the rest of my life or worse i might get raped too.

What do i do? Should i snich on my friends?
I witnessed Attempted Rape but I dont wanna be labeled as a snitch what do I do?
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