Are we about to become a country with no police at all?

The entire Buffalo police department quit because two officers were suspended. I just read they might disband the Minnesota police department and they are suppose to be defunding the LAPD which nobodies gonna work for free. It just feels like we're headed in the direction of no police at all and as a person with extreme anxiety, I have to say that thought is upsetting to me and raises my anxiety.

I know there's cops who do bad things and use the badge as excuse to do it but I also know there's more good people in law enforcement then bad. So, it's really scary to think because of this cop in Minneapolis doing what he did which led to riots, that we may all have to pay for it now with no cops at all. It makes me very worried because every criminal you think of will be having a free for all because with no police, they can't get in trouble and we'll all be in danger then and I'm scared.

Is this where all this is leading to, no police of any kind?
Are we about to become a country with no police at all?
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