Who are in the wrong here, me or the black lives matter protests?

Here's the story. I strongly support yhe BLM movement. I'm also mixed "with black". I went 2 catch a bus 2 city hall but the bus lady said no buses go 2 city hall cuz there's a lot of protesters there. I didn't know what the protests was about. I went 2 the city hall 2 run errands & my small backpack was filled with sweaters with the light blue "ae" hoodie on top of the others. The blue hoodie has sentimental values. I think the symbol must've represent American Eagle. I didn't know it represented American Eagle. Anyways, it wasn't tightened enough. So as I was walking, I felt my boots rubbed against it as it was hanging on my suitcase & busted loose. I think my hoodie must've fell out of my backpack. I also kinda felt that someone from behind me must've snatched it as it was loose or fell out. As soon as I got 2 city hall, I saw a few people standing there like they trying 2 see what's going on, they must be protesters too cuz I saw one of them had signs,& a lot of protesters on the other side. The gaites, military trucks, military guys,& police officers were in between them. And I started standing in front of them. I looked behind & I saw that my hoodie wasn't there. It must've fell out as I was near the protesters or as I was walking. I retraced my steps, only a few of my steps & they weren't there, not even where the protesters are. I'm thinking they must've stole it from me because they thought that I'm against black lives matter based on the fact that I had an American Eagle brand hoodie & because I'm mixed so if you combine being mixed & having an American Eagle brand hoodie, they must've thought "Oh, she's racist, she doesn't support the BLM movement, she trying 2 start trouble."All cuz I have the American Eagle brand hoodie & white in me so the possibility of me being racist is likely & the fact I have more privilege than a non mixed black person & the fact that mixed people are not black people cuz they mixed with white. So I might be racist.
Who are in the wrong here, me or the black lives matter protests?
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