Do you think Trump will get a second term?

Trump just ended federal protections for transgender individuals in healthcare. If I lived in a more conservative, lgbt hostile state, if I end up having a heart attack, I may be denied a life saving surgery if it conflicts with a person's views on being transgender.

He has done so much repulsive shit since he got in office and anything that goes against his supporters praise of him is fake news. The best we have is Biden and I'm not so sure he will defeat Trump. Bernie was our only hope towards the end and he quit like the unreliable quitter he is.

So, will he get a second term? Or will he not? Or is it too soon to tell?
Yes, and he will destroy this country even more than he already has.
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No, and that's a good thing.
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Too soon to tell, but he needs to go.
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28 d
And he did it not only during pride month, but on the anniversary of the Orlando nightclub shooting, and in the middle of a pandemic. That's a big "Whoopsie" and a total "accident"
Do you think Trump will get a second term?
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