Was I out of line mentioning money?

Recently my fiance and I were talking and I made what I thought was an innocent, off-hand remark.

I said:

"Sometimes when I really think about it, it's something, how much money I HAVE spent on you? Between gifts and bills, food, etc.? Amazing? Well, at least you can't say I'm cheap! (LOL) And I do it all out of my love for you!!! I really do love making you happy......"

I never mentioned HOW much, like a dollar value, or even hinted that she owed me in any way for my financial help or gifts.

Here was her reply:

"I feel a bit strange when you keep telling me how much money you've spent on me. A real gentleman never says that. Never. It's rude and it makes the woman feel bad. I feel like I owe you a lot. It's not that am not happy about them all, of course I am, but a man never should say how much he has spent on a woman."

I told her that I agreed with her, if I had mentioned a dollar amount or said she owed me in return. Who's right here? Was I out of line? Should she have gotten offended by my intended innocent remark. Puzzled and hurt!
Was I out of line mentioning money?
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