Should cops be able to shoot someone for resisting arrest?

The other night, a man was murdered in Atlanta. He got into an altercation with the cops, took one of their tasers and ran. They shot him in the back as he was running. The man pointed the taser at the cop right before he was shot. He was being arrested for a DUI.

I am at a loss on how to feel and what the solution is. On one hand, I get why the cops shot. You see the taser, you've just been in an altercation, instincts says shoot because you don't want the man to get away. But I get why the man resisted. With George Floyd and all the other cases, it's easy to be afraid of white cops. Especially as a black man. Justice is hardly served to minorities who are poor. Plus, the guy was drunk, which heightens emotions.

So far I'm only seeing two options

a) Cops risk letting everyone who resists arrest get away, in order to keep from killing those who don't deserve to die. As a result, everyone starts resining arrest, because they know cops won't do anything and truly awful people get away.

b) Cops stop everyone who resists arrest by shooting those running away. As a result, people who don't deserve to die are killed. In order to catch the guilty, the innocent are murdered and executed without trial.

Neither option seems fair, please help me brainstorm a solution or open my eyes to an alternative method.
Should cops be able to shoot someone for resisting arrest?
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