Black/or citizens Police Escorts as solution to de-escalate tensions?

When a person is being arrested now, they are scared of the Police. Would you support having citizen/or other types of people who are responsible for taking in the offending party instead of the Police? Ideally, the escorts would be same race from the community.

The concept is the police do not touch or cuff the person... or avoid it. Part of the problem is people are affraid of the police and create a environment where tensions escalate. If there is perception tha citizens would take greater care of the person and escort them to the process... maybe it would relieve the fears

George Floyd would be alive and on the street if he had simply gone into the car and been taken in for processing. Stealing $20 or less is not a big offense and he'd have been released quickly.
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Here ya go from the Presidents announcement coming up Tuesday... social worker engagement...
"The order will focus on improving officer retention and recruitment practices, including encouraging departments to recruit from within the communities they will patrol, the officials said. It will also prioritize “co-respondent services” intended to more deeply involve social workers in responding to certain nonviolent calls — such as those involving mental health, drug addiction and homelessness issue
Black/or citizens Police Escorts as solution to de-escalate tensions?
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