Would voluntary tax donations for social issues work?

So I had this idea for a compromise. Some people believe in free college, universal health care, etc. Some people don't want their tax dollars going to that. My thought was though, what if a voluntary national fund was made for when you file taxes. So many of these rich celebrities and business people say they support these things, this would give them the opportunity to prove it. People would be able to choose an extra percentage of their paycheck to be taken and select exactly what cause they want it to go to and for those that don't believe in this stuff, they don't have to participate if they don't want to. My only things are, seeing how many people would actually go through the process to do it, maybe in a futures where taxes are more digitally accessible and would you be able to get a consistent enough amount of people paying each year if they aren't forced to do it? And if the concept DOES work, should it be a system where you can only enjoy the benefits if you paid into them? I just like trying to reach compromises
Would voluntary tax donations for social issues work?
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