What do you know about the Mandela Effect and what is your take on it?

The Mandela Effect refers to a situation in which a large mass of people believes that an event occurred when it did not. Looking at the origin of the Mandela effect, some famous examples, as well as some potential explanations for this strange confluence of perceptions can help to shed light on this unique phenomenon.
The term "Mandela Effect" began when it was first coined in 2009 by Fiona Broome when she published a website detailing her observance of the phenomenon. Broome was at a conference talking with other people about how she remembered the tragedy of former South African president Nelson Mandela's death in a South African prison in the 1980s.
However, Nelson Mandela did not die in the 1980s in a prison—he passed away in 2013. As Broome began to talk to other people about her memories, she learned that she was not alone. Others remembered seeing news coverage of his death as well as a speech by his widow.
There are many examples of this. Many remember the Monopoly Man had a monacle now he does not. Mr. Rogers always sang it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood now if you go back and watch he signs it's a beautiful day in this neighborhood. Actors like Keenan Ivory Wayans have had a name change to Keenen Ivory Wayans. I went back to look at the credits to I'm Gonna Get You Sucka on Youtube from a VHS tape his name was spelled Keenan the same way I and others remember it. You can google for more Mandela Effects. Also the biggest one is Black Tom Explosion. Do any of you remember this? I sure don't and neither does anyone I know but apparently this was a huge attack but we were not taught about this in history class. No mention of it when 911 happened or anything!
What do you know about the Mandela Effect and what is your take on it?
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