White guys. How are you holding up with all the racial tension going on?

These last few weeks have been tense for me. I live with two black men. We totally got along and still get along just fine. But this George Floyd incident brought a lot of unnecessary tension.

But things have calmed down a bit this week at least.
I’m tense about all of this. Nervous about the future
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I don’t care
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I support all of this and I’m a white guy
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22 d
Not surprisingly lots of people mistook my objective. Liberals think I’m asking this question to protect my “whiteness”. Bullshit. I see this whole revolution ultimately:

- destroying and impoverishing black communities. Both small businesses and big chains will leave taking convenience and JOBS with them

- law enforcement will quit patrolling minority communities. Black on black crimes will skyrocket. For every black live saved from police brutality 100s of black lives will be at risk
22 d
- race relations are deteriorating because instead of making race a issue now its THE issue

White liberals think their altruistic. What they really want is the “feel good” sentiment of being morally superior to other whites. They are intensifying soft bigotry of low expectation for minorities. They convince minorities that their shortcomings are not their fault. This removes motivation to be self confident and reliable. Paternalism is racism

- we are inviting a bloody revolution.
White guys. How are you holding up with all the racial tension going on?
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