BLM focusing on cleaning up black lives within?

Warning: Graphic, violent content

Does BLM focus on how to improve the quality of black lives or are they more focused on telling "non black lives" and police that they should be valued? It's easy to tell someone else what to do... why not work on the "community" as well? Why not?

Here's an example of some very defective black lives. To save you time, they found out this prior drug dealer had talked to the police in another state years ago and decided to torture and kill him. That's not really good law abiding behavior.

Is BLM working on how to prevent creating such defective people and how are they doing that?I also wonder if BLM is working on improving sentencing for severe crimes like this when the perpetrators are ill. For example, these individuals who killed the man tortured him by sodomizing, smash his head in with crow bars to the point where it was caved in, etc.. where there was blood all over and then lived in the house for a few weeks... with blood all over! Should they really be alive?

Why is the system putting these criminals in jails when they are likely to torture and make suffer other people, which could be someone like you or me if we make some smaller bad choice in life. That be awful. What's the point to putting them in jail exactly if they kill to this level of violence? Is BLM going to work on "upping" the sentencing so these individuals don't trash the perception of other black lives, thus improving black lives?

I could show video of other race criminals with same point, it's not a race thing, but I'm asking about BLM since they want black lives to matter.

Good luck Atlanta if you limit your police. Wish ya the best...
BLM focusing on cleaning up black lives within?
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