Folks who claim they care about men’s rights, do you really?

People who claim that they don’t like feminism because it doesn’t include men, do you really care about men or your main purpose is to invalidate women’s experiences?
And by caring about your men i mean by listening to male rape victims, preaching self-care for men, talking about men’s mental health, unlearn toxic masculinity that’s deeply rooted in most boys (remember how your parents taught you a ton of bullshit about being masculine and tough and how u shouldn’t express your feelings or cry then you just get all bottled up during your teenage and adulthood?), talking about men’s sexual health, talking about LGBTQ+ rights among men, talking about being submissive in bed (it’s a thing, if you have some kind of hatred against it, well u better question if you really support men or not), talking about gay/bi/pan men who face difficulties in being accepted by their family or the society for their sexuality, talking about bi/pan men’s struggle when dating women and biphobia towards bi/pan men, talking about men who get abused by their partner physically and mentally, talking about little boys who were raped and sexually assaulted, talking about how parents are more likely to be abusive towards little boys,...

If you don’t find yourself ever think about or preach about any of these issues but still claim that you care about men’s rights (men’s rights as in destroying feminism and invaliding women’s experiences and struggles), you’re a joke.
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Some people are absolutely ridiculous, we argue with facts and when i post facts, they call it garbage and refuse to read it:) grow up.
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This is a typical example how “anti feminist men’s rights activists” wanna argue with “facts” get offended when someone else makes sense so they’d call the other person’s resources “garbage” with no actual evidence that it’s “garbage” because their arguments comes from legitimate sources
Folks who claim they care about men’s rights, do you really?
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