Why do you think people are against Black lives matter?



Colin Kaepernick IS A MARXIST
He titled his autobiography “The Struggle that Must Be” (1980). In this work, Edwards applied Marxist ideas to athletics because in his mind, athletics and society are inexorably bound. He writes, “any attack upon the sports institution of a society is intuitively and widely regarded as an attack upon the most central and preeminent values and beliefs of that society.”
“Dr. Edwards is a good friend. He is someone I talk to and run a lot of things by and have lots of conversations with.” Edwards returns the compliment: “He [Kaepernick] is evolving through an awakening.”
By awaking, Edwards means accepting the Marxist paradigm. Edwards teaches Kaepernick Marxist principles and Kaepernick acts accordingly.
Because people who are against BLM are racists, in other words I'm an uneducated moron.
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Because BLM is NOT about black lives, it's about destroying America and bringing about Marxism.
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I will not kneel or show pride in a slogan that is being used to prop up an idea responsible for the deaths of over 100 million people.
Why do you think people are against Black lives matter?
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