Moving to Hawaii from Boston?

I lived in Boston for few years. Its not a tolerant city, I am a minority and got discriminated against many times, especially at work, even though I worked at two different jobs. I am not interested in talking to people about it nor trying to change them. I am not their father. Its their choice to live their lives this way, and its their right to have those beliefs and values, but personally I won't accept this lifestyle for myself. I just want peace. Many friends told me to move out, especially my minority friends, they said they struggle with those issues too. I read that Hawaii is very peaceful and tolerant. I am very spiritual and I avoid conflicts. I do not like toxic environments nor hate speech. I want an environment that matches my way of living, will Hawaii be a good option for me?

Please reply if you really think you can add an advice or a useful input. If you think about writing a toxic reply, don't. It will get deleted.
Moving to Hawaii from Boston?
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