Is japan international?

Hi I’m a Chinese American thinking of moving to Japan if America becomes too ridiculous. However I’m used to diversity and free thought and I don’t feel like Japan is any of those things. In my experience Japanese people tend to be very close minded and picky about particular things. I feel like if I move there I will constantly get maligned as an outisider no matter what I do.

Maybe Tokyo is better because it’s a large international city that’s used to diversity. But at the same time is it? Maybe even in Tokyo people are overly traditional and close minded and won’t let non Japanese people integrate in a peaceful way?

Do you think Japan is just an isolated narrow minded xenophobe island that pretends to be a modern world leading international country?
Yes japan is not a very open minded international world leading modern country
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If you’re there with an American or Chinese company maybe you might have an easier time
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No Japanese people are very open minded and flexible to outsiders (LOL!)
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Maybe just Tokyo is ok since it’s an international city
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Is japan international?
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