Hiddden American history you didn't know?

Did you know Christopher Columbus and Pres. Teddy Roosevelt' had something in common? Columbus or in Latin America called Armondo. Was a jew in hiding from prosecution before King Fernanda of Spain gave way to becoming king. Teddy Roosevelt's Roosevelt was the first president to appoint a Jew to a Cabinet position; a champion of Jewish rights at home and abroad, he was a vocal supporter of a Jewish homeland in Palestine; an advocate (mostly) of immigration, based on his firsthand dealings with Jewish and non-Jewish immigrants who had settled in his hometown of New York City, and a defender of Jews in the wake of the Kishinev pogroms of 1903. He even kept two Jewish menorahs on display at his 95-acre estate on the North Shore of Long Island, Sagamore Hill. So lets learn our history before we judge our past as merely black and white.
Hiddden American history you didnt know?
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So why do Americans act like they hate jews. When its in their blood.
Hiddden American history you didn't know?
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