Should Abortion be banned?

Abortion causes poverty in the United States. We have aborted about 70 million babies legally since Roe v Wade and another 70 million illegally That's 140 million people. Of these, about 2/3rds would have already had 1 or 2 children by now in their lifes, and about 1/3rd would already be grandparents had they lived. To this 140 million abortions prevented about 280 million human beings from existing. Of this about 180 million WOULD be in the work force today, paying taxes, which would mean we would have a Federal Budget SURPLUS, and a HUGE one mind, and we'd have state and local government SURPLUSES and again huge surpluses. This is the natural cost of abortion.

The U. S. fertility rate 20 years ago was 2.3 children per woman. Now there are so many abortions that the fertility rate has dropped to 1.7 children per woman, and "Demographic Winter" caused by reducing the rate of population growth has enhanced federeal debts and deficits, when combined with the Reagan tax cuts and the Bush tax cuts. Before Reagan, the Debt to GDP ratio in the U. S. was 30%, then by 2000 it had risen to 60%. Today it is over 130% and rising exponentially. So abortion causes poverty, and abortion causes FEderal Debt, combined with too much military spending and not enough taxes on the sinfully rich. If not for so many abortions, the Federal tax revenue would be 3 trillion more dollars than it is today.

The Earth can support over 15 Billion humans without driving any plants or animals extinct, and with zero net carbon or nitrates pollution, so "over-population" is a liberal activist myth. If we clean up our pollution the Earth can easily support twice as many people as are alive today.
Yes, except to save the life of the woman. Abortion is MURDER.
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No. I think babies are dumb anyway.
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Should Abortion be banned?
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