What are your thoughts on a Carbon Tax?

Solar Panels are already more cost-effective than Coal for producing electricity across their lifetime, but for whatever reason Coal is still so popular nobody converts to solar.

I would like to encourage people to at least buy a few dozen solar panels to put on their rooftop, so I'd propose the following:

100% Carbon Tax on Coal and Oil, but not Natural Gas. Methane produces twice as much energy per unit pollution as Coal and Oil, so we could use Methane as a clean burning back-up until we get enough nuclear for backup.

The Earth receives enough sunlight so that if you captured 1% of the sunlight on the Earth at 22% efficiency (latest solar panels,) you could power a human civilization of 25 Billion people with a living standard the same as the modern U. S. However, the Earth can probably only support 15 billion people without driving any plants or animals extinct, because there's a limit how much food you can harvest and how much lumber you can harvest, etc. So with Solar Power, Wind, Hydro, and Geothermal, you could power 15 billion people You would just use Nuclear for backup power, and eventually you have nickel-hydrogen fusion for powering automobiles, instead of combustion

So the proposal is tax Carbon 100%, except natural Gas, and use the proceeds from this tax to subsidize Solar and Wind power, to make it more attractive to people to invest ni Solar and Wind, and less attractive to keep using Coal and Oil. Well still need oil as a lubricant, but that is used a LOT less than what we burn as gasoline or diesel..

It would take about 25 years to totally phase out internal combustion automobiles and coal fired power plants, but by then the energy of the solar panels would more than pay for themselves several times over.
What are your thoughts on a Carbon Tax?
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