Have you ever been surrounded by a mob?

It happened to me once in 3rd grade after I said "I don't really like the Naked Brother's Band all that much" during recess and about 18 people surrounded me yelling stuff all at once and someone said I called them stupid, I reiterated what I actually said but they just dismissed it. One girl started throwing punches, thinking she could get away with it but she learned her lesson when I hit her back and which much more force then the crowd said "you can't hit girls, that's illegal"! (Which is one of the dumbest lies kids believed at the time). I said "she hit me first, what kind of reaction did you expext"? Then a guy tried to kick me, I grabbed his leg and threw him into the crowd, he lunged back and I kicked him in the stomach and punched him in the back, knocking him down. At that point, they realized that I wasn't going to just stand there and take their crap, and they started to move back. I then removed myself from the situation to avoid getting into trouble as I knew they'd lie and say I hit people for no reason. Someone said "get him"! I looked back and sure enough, nobody made a move. It was a scary situation that is unfortunately very common in today's world among the left using a mob to spread lies and use violence against people simply for disagreeing with them and getting mad when they're wrong and won't admit they're wrong. Have you ever been surrounded by a mob? How did you deal with it?
Have you ever been surrounded by a mob?
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Have you ever been surrounded by a mob?
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