Are we witnessing the destruction of the united states in real time?

I've been feeling this way for months now really ever since the start of the lock downs.

both sides view each other as idiots the left won't listen to the right. the democrats believe that republicans are racist bigots and are evil. if you think someone is racist and evil then you shouldn't have a conversation with them. also they criticize people like call Columbus, washington jefferson and even lincoln. the say our system is founded in slaver due to the 1619 project.

the republicans view the democrats as idiots who want to destroy the country and push us to a maoist way of life republicans try to use logic and reason in order to get there point across and the Democrats won't listen both sides seem especially when it comes to culture and what is progress and what is not at this point we are the united states of america in name only we are very far for united politically.

are we getting to the point of civil war?
are we going to peacefully split into 2 different nations?
or are the republicans and democrats going to compromise are actually work together?

all I know is that political climate right now really sucks and frankly it seem like we should just split the country and a half and move on with our lives with the political system we prefer
Are we witnessing the destruction of the united states in real time?
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