Should other states ban or limit people moving from California to their state?

I mean the question exactly how it is stated. Many people are leaving California due to high cost of living and many other factors. I understand moving to have a better life. However, let's not forget that California is the way it is because of how the people of California have voted. State governments, just like the federal government, vote people in office. States are actually MORE likely than the federal government to vote politicians in by popular vote due to not having electoral colleges. Given this, the people of California voted for the policies they have. If the leaders have gone against the people, the people of California have allowed it by reelecting their leaders. Why drag another state down by moving out of California to another state (example: Texas) and then voting for the same policies that made California the way it is? I believe the 49 states that choose to follow the Constitution of the United States of America should either outright ban people from California moving to their state or put policies in place to ensure that people moving from California do not try to vote for policies similar to those in California. Another solution would be to make California its own country. Anyone who wants to move to America from California should face the same paths to U. S. Citizenship that anyone from another foreign country faces because California has completely forgotten how our Constitution works and the power balance between the states and federal government. What do you think?
Should other states ban or limit people moving from California to their state?
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