Girls, are you more bothered by PC culture, or men's hostility online?

Girls, are you more bothered by PC culture, or mens hostility online?
Ladies, let's chat! 🛋 You may be aware that men today have their knickers in a twist about something, and that is political correctness, PC culture.

I believe many things in life seem to fit a pattern of opposing, equally strong forces (essentially: yin-yang.) Quite often I would describe it as one not complementing another, but a reaction.

I saw it again - I asked a q about 'hard truths' and an interesting thing came of it - I knew that men would relate to the statement "Political correctness is the elevation of sensitivity over truth" but I didn't know to what degree, and if any of the other statements would pull them in other directions. Of course for some, yes, they chose another. But the majority either chose the PC theme, or referenced that they also liked it. Female votes (although fewer as usual) are fairly evenly distributed.

You feel/believe:
* You don't want to fight
* You dislike conflict (most of you)
* You're here to have fun, be entertained, share some things, learn some things, and for the most part, not debate
* Your experience is that men are much more aggressive towards you than you are to them.
* You often go anon to avoid being targeted
* Expressing a view publicly on one topic that is provocative or controversial sometimes or often leads to male users harassing you on other innocuous topics
* You see many angry, bitter males. You didn't do anything to them yet they are hostile towards you/other pinks
* You've had to close accounts to avoid men FOR EXPRESSING YOUR VIEWS ABOUT THE WORLD (not sexual harassment)
* You support equality and alternative lifestyles

So leaving politics out of this (although traditionalism and progressivisim do factor in some) do you feel strongly that men's aggression, anger, and desire to speak their mind without impunity is the bigger issue?

Men cannot comment and I left the anon feature, so speak your mind.

I'm really unhappy with men's hostility, antagonism, aggression, and combativeness online, and I think they are the larger issue.
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I'm with the guys. I think this politically correct culture is degrading society. We should all be able to speak our minds, no matter what our views are.
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I'm undecided, or I think they are both of equal importance or annoyance.
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Girls, are you more bothered by PC culture, or men's hostility online?
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