Why do people hate the introverts so much?

i live in turkey and i'm an introvert. i've always been like this my whole life. everyone hates me. when i want to befriend someone, they look at me and see i'm not a popular person, i look like average joe and they don't become my close friend. what i mean by popular is, i don't use social media. i had an instagram account once, but i didn't post my selfies. i just hate it. instead, i posted motivational pictures, etc. no-one likes what i share. no-one likes what i like. i don't wanna change myself, i'm happy as a lone wolf. but i can't convince my family. for some reason, i've to stay with them. yes, i can't move out at the age of 25, which is a shame. i'll explain this later. what was i saying, yes, they hate the introverts so much they won't even hire them. now i don't have any job. i'm supposed to be an English teacher but in this country you have to be really energetic in order to impress the headmasters. i look like a lazy pillow, so they tell me "we'll call you later" which they never do. i explained the situation about the friends and the job... now iTs time to talk about my family...

the reasony why i can't move my ass is that i'm non-binary. yes, i'm born in a female's body but i prefer the male side of mine. even this profile says i'm a male. i had an account on this site, whose gender was "female", so i logged into this instead. i have long hair which says i'm a female but i don't wear dresses, i usually wear normal tank tops and shorts, i'm "unfashionable". people hate me for that. they hate me because i don't look feminine. i considered suicide but then i was like, i can't let it happen. i have to change the system. i have to kill the idea that you have to be a social butterfly in this era. i fucking hate it. i love the way i live, although no-one understands it. i'm a non-binary person in a narrow-minded country and i have to change the system. if i can't force them to accept me the way i am, i must flee this country. i'm so fucking unhappy here.
Why do people hate the introverts so much?
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