Would you support the US and ally countries going to war with China (the CCP)?

World War III: COVID-19.
World War III: COVID-19.
I am 100% for decimating the Chinese Communist Party, by the way. 100%. I'm willing to sign up. And here's why.

The West may not know of China's problems against the world, but living here in South Korea (as an American), I have seen what China is doing. Basically annexing Hong Kong and stripping away their Independence, all the stuff they've already been doing to Taiwan and Tibet, trying to conquer the "South China Sea," inching away land from India, buying up real estate from South Koreans (specifically Jindo) as part of their Belt And Road Initiative, trying to buy out entire African nations, spying on America through hacking, literally causing US companies to commit treason against the US by bribing them, abusing and murdering their own people every single day, and of course, lying about COVID-19 causing it to spread throughout the world (this assuming the CCP didn't manufacture it in a lab, which they very likely did).

So this is why I support going to war with the CCP and ending communism in China permanently and forever. Let me know how you think (respectfully, please).
Yes! They need to pay for spreading COVID-19 to the world and other problems they've caused.
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Maybe not war, but China needs to pay for their trouble in some other way.
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No, I don't support doing anything against China.
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Would you support the US and ally countries going to war with China (the CCP)?
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