Do you believe this pandemic is making people useless in some way?

I mean because since you can't go out to do certain things that only can be done outside and not inside your house and you are stuck at home. you are becoming lazy in a certain way.

For example. Since elderly people are with this virus very vulnerable, they have to be inside the house and not risk themselves but by being inside, they can become depressed, also they can exercise like do soft exercises cause maybe the house has not a space enough for the person to work out, (nto all houses are big with big spaces to move around the house and not all people live in big houses as well) Also before the pandemic some elderly people go out side and do their errands on their own but now it is a risk for them to go outside and do the errands by themselves so they have to send their kids or other peopel to shop for them and do errands for them, so they become less active in that field cause they are not being active by doing the shopping themselves.
Also some elderly may still drive but with the pandemic they can't drive as for what reason anyway. If they can't go to shops or do errands either cause they are high risk factor citizesn for being elderly and old people. Becaue it has been said that older people try to stay at home and not go out for the risk to catch teh virus easily.

This same happens with kids, even if they are not that high riks factor people, they can't be outside with their friends socializing, or do exercise outdoors, they are t home just maybe playing video games from morning to afternoon or evening and hooked up on their mobiles to keep themselves occupied and not bored.
Do you believe this pandemic is making people useless in some way?
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