Do you think our world is dying due to toxic masculinity and femininity?

Females our having kids at ages they shouldn't have, men our becoming whores, women are no longer taking care of things they should because i mean hey you ladies love taking care of yourselves so why not take care of your home, men our becoming weak and fragile and our no longer being what we could say strong and independent yet also co dependent when needed, Women are now trying to do things that they shouldn't do for example certain military areas for example i saw a article about who does better in combat training mix groups or all male groups and the article stated that mixed groups move slower then all male groups, breach slower, and many other areas that are suppose to be fast pace cause when breaching anything can happen in a second rather its a trip wire bomb, someone manages to pick up a small handgun and fires it off, someone manages to pull the pin off a grenade or worse triggers home made explosives which can kill everyone. Men our no longer trying to be masculine not in a angry annoying piece of shit way but a leader, a helper, someone who supports others, someone who is able to look at himself and fix things, women are now for some odd reason trying to be the " man of the house" type deal, like there trying to be the bread winners and i have no problem with that i have no problem with women earning more then there spouse but even so when you have kids, which need constant care and both of you are working that can be damaging to them and to you because your family and your home reflects your personality so while the wife and husband our working were hiring other people who don't give a damn about yo kids only the money to teach them which puts the parents out of there lives and for those who have kids you must know how amazing it is to have fun with your kids and to be there with them and see them smile its awesome, yet today in our world people our doing things that are breaking up homes and stuff
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I have no problem with people choosing there own path and thats good but when you start a family and when you settle down, you have to realize that sacrifice may have to be made in order to raise and protect and nature your children cause they are far more important then any dream you could ever have in your life time cause they are the next generalization and they will determine the future of our planet
Do you think our world is dying due to toxic masculinity and femininity?
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