Democrats- when is it enough?

So Jacob Blake was shot by police and riots occurred that resulted in a 70 something year old man being rendered unconscious. More businesses being destroyed, and two people shot.

Before the evidence was put out, this was automatically deemed as a racist crime. Jacob Blake was resisting arrest, and has a deep criminal record, one of which is being violent with police and pointing a firearm at people. Also tagged with a list of other heinous crimes. He had an active arrest warrant as well. New coming information is now stating that he verbally said he was grabbing a weapon.

Police tried their best to mitigate the situation, and he resisted them 100%, went straight into his car to reach for something, and he got shot. You can see his own baby mama screaming at him to stop because she knows what will happen.

I think if anyone did that, white or black- they would be shot. Shooting was completely justified.

The media hyped it up as racially motivated without any facts distributed to the public, and as a result, two more people are dead with more injured, and now these business owners lifes work is gone. What the media is doing is actually disgusting. ___
How the hell... does anyone support the democrats at this point?
Democrats- when is it enough?
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