Should lock down, mask wearing, and social distance remain indefinite?

We are all sick. I don't care if someone feels fine or healthy. You are not qualified to determine your health status. The World Health Organization is aware of how dangerous this virus is and what we need to feel safe and be protected from it. Personally, I think the following should be the new normal moving forward on a global scale.

-Keep all business and public places closed indefinitely. Only allow people to work from home.
-Confine everyone to their homes and not allow anyone outside.
-Have military bring meals or food supplies to everyone at home.
-Mandate mask wearing in the home.
-Mandate all vaccines for everyone where a public health nurse administers the vaccine witnessed by United Nations military police
-Allow public officials to move about in order to provide services for the rest of us such as mental health, medical exams, medical attention and supplies, etc.

What do you feel is the best solution to protect everyone from this deadly virus?
Yes, globally keep all businesses & public places closed and confine people to remain in their homes with mandated mask wearing & vaccines indefinitely
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Yes, but keep everything closed and reopen slower over a 3-4 year process. Allow people out only with masks and only once they prove they have had all vaccines
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Go back to normal which is selfish and unhealthy for the greater good of global citizens
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28 d
Another point I forgot to list is...

-Ban all guns in all countries that still allow guns in the hands of private citizens. The virus is causing people who cry foul over the lock-down and mandates to become violent. Most of those people have guns. We need to be protected from those angry people. Also, people who are protesting for racial equality are becoming victims of gun violence. The angry rich couple who aimed their assault guns at protesters comes to mind.
Should lock down, mask wearing, and social distance remain indefinite?
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