Do you believe in The concept of Justice?

Do you believe in The concept of Justice?
Do you think people have a right to make claims on the Society through Government programs, I E The Public Good.

Public Goods are resources that can be sustained by society and are adequate to the needs of the members of society In the particular time and it’s near future that, SHOULD benefit everyone, Without taking from anyone. Such as :

Postal Service
(A Public Institution Central to building United States. Older Than U S Government Itself. Formed In 1775. Currently Post Master General is trying privatize. Once privatized it no longer be a public good.)
Health Care
Environmental Disasters
(Fire fighting used to be privatized)
Domestic Defense
Food & Drug Safety
Personal Protection
Pollution Control
Poison Control
Waste Disposal
Clean Drinking Water

JUSTICE : the maintenance or administration of what is just especially by the impartial adjustment of conflicting claims or the assignment of merited rewards or punishments
//meting out justice
//social justice.
I do not believe in Justice. I think people should fend for themselves. Details below.
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I believe in Justice. My definition is different than what you laid out. Details below.
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I believe in Justice. I have no opposition to the definition given below.
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Do you believe in The concept of Justice?
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