What are your thoughts on the Kenosha shooting?

A 17 year old with an AR-15 went along with others who were armed to defend businesses from the rioters and what would ensue is an altercation that left two rioters dead and one injured, the shooter, Rittenhouse is okay and turned himself in after the shooting. Here's what we know so far, Rosenbaum (who is registered class 3 sexual predator against minors and has a history of violence) approached him and yelled "shoot me n**er" at him and threw a molotov cocktail at him, at which point, Rittenhouse fired at him, striking him in the head and killing him. At which point, Huber (who has a history of battery and numerous domestic abuse related charges) and Grosskreutz (a felony burglar who was in illegal possession of a firearm at the time due to his status as a felon) began to attack Rittenhouse. News outlets and articles are refusing to say whether or not Grosskreutz fired af Rittenhouse, but in the video, it clearly shows Huber and Grosskreutz stomping on him, reaching for his gun, and hitting him with skateboards. At which point, Rittenhouse shot both of them, killing Huber, and wounding Grosskreutz by shooting through the arm he was holding his illegally owned gun. I praise Rittenhouse for what he did, they were terrible people trying to burn down peoples livelihoods and kill people for no reason other than to exercise power over people and they were actively trying to kill him, I just wish he would've shot more of them. Contributing Americans are sick of terrorists like them destroying our country for no reason and democratic politicians doing nothing but laughing about it and not allowing police to intervene. What are your thoughts on the shooting?
What are your thoughts on the Kenosha shooting?
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What are your thoughts on the Kenosha shooting?
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