Republicans- do you try an educate liberals?

I’ve been trying to for years in a respectful way and try to teach them how I see politics and my perspective. Without fail, it leads to personal insults, attacks, and gas lighting. Every single time. I used to be a democrat and republicans never talked to me this way. Watching ABC and I’m watching a video of these crazies burn down a church and screaming at people. I feel like it’s a lost cause. These people are just down right nasty and rude at this point. If there are any rational dems on here- I’d love to follow you. It’s toxic and I’m just sick of these bullies. I’m so fed up to the point where I want to move out of state. Sick of getting screamed at randomly and put down by these people just for having a different political view than them.
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I literally can’t even walk to the damn grocery store without getting screamed at. They got their stands setup everywhere around my town and they’ll follow you and harass you if you don’t agree with them. This is utterly ridiculous.
Republicans- do you try an educate liberals?
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