Why is this book so expensive?

This book, Origins and Doctrines of Fascism
2nd Printing Edition, www.amazon.com/.../..._sw_r_cp_apa_i_I.5sFbJ5BXSRM
Is the most expensive book of its kind that I've ever seen. Even buying it used.

Despite this,, all of its features seem to indicate that it would be cheap if it were any other book:
1. It is old but not antique (published in 2004).
2. It's paperback.
3. It's not a bestseller (at all--just look at its rankings).
4. There's competition to sell it (eBay, Barnes & Noble and other sellers carry it).
5 It's short (122 pages)

All sellers I've seen offer it for similarly high prices to Amazon.

It's very suspicious to me. Could there be a cartel-like agreement among sellers?
Why is it so expensive?

Before you call me a fascist for wanting to read this book, I'm reading it to verify Dinesh D'Souza's claim that Fascism is a Left-wing ideology. (From my rental of the book from the library, it looks like it is based on a Sorelian Syndicalist reading of Marx, so it seems fairly left leaning fiscally).
I didn't finish it in my rental though--it's a heavy read, though short.
Why is this book so expensive?
Why is this book so expensive?
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