Do you expect Trump to have a very large “secret vote” 2020?

In 2016 there was “surprise vote” for Trump. Nothing any poll at the time predicted. Many people were silent about supporting him. This isn’t surprising because the left won’t let them talk without going ballistic. Now they are straight up killing open Trump supporters.

There is no guarantee he will win. I was planning to sit 2020 out but after all the rioting, violence and insanity I’ve witnessed in the last few months I changed my mind. I’m voting for him because he’s the only politician who has the balls to stand up to this crap.

I don’t apologize for it either. You are not going to bully and extort me into voting democrat. You think the left would of learned a hard lesson in 2016 but instead they got insanely worse. You won’t win votes by insulting, canceling, assaulting and murdering people
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Do you expect Trump to have a very large “secret vote” 2020?
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