Has covid-19 killed more people then that last 100 years?

So I have now been reliable informed by joe Biden that covid has killed more people this year then in the last 100 years. So I guess the holocaust that didn’t happen I guess the Mexican revolution in the 1920 didn’t happen I guess WW2 didn’t happen nor the Great Depression and there are billions of people over the age of 100 then there ever was before, I guess people weren’t killed in Russia under Lennon and Stalin I guess nobody was killed by miles a dong in his cultural revolution and great lead Forward I guess the Korean War didn’t happen and Vietnam didn’t happen nobody was killed there, I guess nobody was killed in the Rwandan genocide or under idi Amin, I guess nobody start to death in Africa I guess nobody started that in Venezuela I guess nobody was killed in the Chilean revolution I guess once you get to about 150 you die but everybody was for 150 years guys I don’t know then Covid has killed more people in the last hundred years seriously you’re going to vote for this guy?

i’ll make you a deal if Joe Biden ever comes out and actively denounce is the BLM rioters and antifa members who Shoot Trump supporters for no reason other than they support trump, by name literally say in the words I condemn the actions of antifa and the group Black Lives Matter for rioting and killing people then I’ll vote for him until he does that I’ll vote for Trump
Has covid-19 killed more people then that last 100 years?
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