"Guilty until proven innocent". Thoughts?

Thoughts for the larger crowd, feel free to share personal experiences and banter along.

First of all. What the hell? I had 2 ladies in their 30s here gang up on me with what looked like to be a 14-year old "true slav" when I openly stated that a married woman who visits a male neighbour out of boredom is not necessarily a slut. The question wasn't even about who or what the woman is. I was called a whore and a glue-sniffing bitch because I don't make assumptions about people through a third party that posted a few shallow lines online.

Never mind this rather irrelevant incident, this "guilty until proven innocent" mindset seems to be the norm these days. All of America went up in flames when only 20% of the truth was out. New incidents come to light with even less information made public and people act like they know all sides of the story. People online get "cancelled" over a few lies and made up bs to ruin their careers and lives.

Is this okay?
"Guilty until proven innocent". Thoughts?
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