Americans, what are your thoughts on Trump's plan to affect your paycheck?

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Donald Trump has created a plan where employers can delay withholding of the portion of the payroll tax that funds Social Security for a few months. That means people will get a little more money in their paychecks from September to December, but then in January to April will have to pay it all back with higher withholding and lower than normal paychecks.

Essentially this seems to me to be a short term low interest loan. You get more money in the last four months of 2020, then have to pay it back during the first four months of 2021.

Payroll software had to be updated to handle this and small businesses that don't use payroll software have to spend time understanding the plan so that they can implement it properly so there's a cost to businesses to implement this.

As I understand it, it's optional for the employer whether or not they do this, so not everyone will see any change in their paycheck. Those that do see a change will see an increase in their after tax paycheck for the next four months and then a decrease for the next four months after that.

Some people have suggested that this is a political stunt to try to get votes by making people think they get more money as a result of Trump's plan and won't realize that they have to pay it back until January - after the election.

What are your thoughts on this?
It's good. I'd rather have a little more money now even if I have to pay it back later.
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I don't see the point. Eventually I have to pay it, so there's really no value in it.
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It's a political stunt. He's hoping that people won't understand it and will vote for him because they think he's giving them more money and it will be after the election before they realize they have to pay it back.
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It's bad. January is already a rough month financially so I don't want to have more tax withheld then.
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It's bad because it's causing a lot of work for payroll departments and small business owners with no long term value to employees.
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I'm glad to see that most people seem to understand this plan.

I personally think that it complicates things for no real benefit and was probably done only for political reasons (trying to get Trump some extra votes).
Americans, what are your thoughts on Trump's plan to affect your paycheck?
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