Is america the new middle east?

For decades whenever you turned the news on it was dominated by conflict in the middle east, be it a terrorist attack or military action. Many said deep entrenched tribal or religious hatred meant peace could never be achieved.

Now in America there are daily riots, arson, shootings etc and the people are divided into their own little tribes be in lefties, righties trumptards, libtards, religious extremists, rainbow people the list seems endless but they all seem hell bent on wiping every one else out and moulding America in their own image.

I can think of no other western nation that worships their leader like a god since Hitler. You don't see people in uk on protests holding up "Boris" signs. Trump and pretty much every president is the equivalent of the Ayatollah in the way he's worshipped. I suspect a lot of American homes have picture of him on the wall they pay full respects to just like people in north Korea do with Kim jong un.

Another similarity is both regions have a love affair with guns, particularly big ones. We've all seen images of middle east weddings were they spray the air above their head with machine gun fire to celebrate and thats what I imagine america is like too. Just look at even the most minor demo, there's always a bunch of guys trying to look macho with guns.

I say it's time to send in the U. N. to start peace talks before its too late
Is america the new middle east?
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