Do Republicans want peaceful protests?

So I've been really thinking about the protests and how we are getting more and more riots as time goes on and I think it's become clear, at least to me, Republican party supporters don't seem to know what they want.
When Kaepernick protested police brutality the right wing went up in arms, metaphorically speaking in most cases, then when BLM marches started they again got furious, as if to say "You don't deserve the right to protest". Now we're at a time when riots are becoming more and more frequent but Republicans don't want these either and now scream that "Peaceful protests get things done and it's the right way".
I think a lot of Republicans want to just live in ignorance of the plights of others. They don't want protests because it shows them that America has fundamental issues that can't be overlooked, and worse than that should not be overlooked.
After reading MLK Jr.'s Birmingham Jail Letter it has come to my attention that many Republicans are exactly what MLK called "White Moderates". They prefer order, the absence of tension, to peace, the presence of justice.
As Americans we all should be aware discussions on Police Brutality AND Police Misconduct are nothing new. There are YouTube channels dedicated to tracking these actions as they pop up, yet every 2 years or so another riot occurs as if it's clockwork now. We keep addressing the issue but not really solving it and nothing is changing.
So do Republicans want peaceful changes or do they want violence? As a person what do you believe is the "right" way to protest and do you believe if all peaceful means are exhausted is violence necessary or just inevitable?
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Do Republicans want peaceful protests?
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