Why doesn't my friend want to be *white*?

She's mixed with white and middle-eastern. Maybe I'm looking too far into this but I was talking to her about what race was considered by like the Government when signing documents and what not. I said something a long the lines of Middle Eastern is grouped under white on papers... and she totally flipped out. For five minutes she was telling me about how she wasn't white, how she hates when her suntan wears off in the winter because she doesn't want to look white, and how she would never want to white for unstated reasons etc. etc. etc. Now I'm personally white, and I'm like kinda odded out. Like I said, maybe I'm looking too far into this... but what's so wrong with being white? I personally don't have a problem with any race, but this just started with me talking about Government papers and it's got me thinking now.
Why doesn't my friend want to be *white*?
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